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Chefjw.com :: Biography :: (5) Thinking beyond the kitchen

Thinking beyond the kitchen
Chef Wierzelewski's culinary expertise extends far past the kitchen doors. Although he is a 'hands-on' chef who works with his team of chefs every day, Chef Wierzelewski also excels at creating new restaurant concepts. He has consulted on many restaurant projects and opened a dozen new concepts – Vix is his most recent successful concept.

"I study food trends and develop restaurant concepts that meet the specific dining needs of each market," Chef Wierzelewski says. "Nowadays, its not just about the food, but also the uniforms, the music, the graphics on the menu, the serving vessels. Because I'm involved in design, working with glass blowers and china manufacturers, I recognize the full scope of a restaurant concept. I am passionate about developing restaurants, and I've had great success in this area. From concept to concept, I am redesigning the face of dining."

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