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  • Recognized highlights for my cuisine and concept with the Vix Restaurant
    • Zagat awarded the Vix Restaurant "Best New Restaurant/Newcomer"
    • Was one of the participating chefs at the 20th Anniversary of the Masters of Food and Wine
    • Featured chef at the James Beard House
    • Featured chef at the Miami Food and Wine Festival
    • Highlighted article in Food and Wine Magazine
    • Featured article in Bon Apetit Magazine
    • Travel & Leisure awarded the Vix Restaurant the prestigious "Best New Restaurant"
    • Appeared on the Food Network cooking show with David Liebermann
    • Condé Nast UK Traveler awarded the Hotel Victor the Top 60 Hot List Best New Hotel in the World
    • Received the National Restaurant Association Award/South Florida Dining Award for "Best New Restaurant"
The concept of VIX, from the menu, to the china, to the décor, is all about revealing and enhancing the sensuality of food. Through my experience working and traveling around the world, I have developed a deep-seated fascination, passion and affinity for the spice world and its pervasive qualities. To me, spices reveal the sensuality of food, and when used properly, create an intensity, harmony and complexity in food that cannot be found with any other combination of ingredients. The menu at VIX is an autobiography reflecting my travels and work experiences abroad. Each dish highlights the flavors of the various regions along the legendary spice routes, such as our “Basque Style” Halibut Steak and Sweet Pimiento Polenta, Seafood Hot Pot with Asian aromatics, Saltwater Prawn Tagine featuring the rich flavors of Morocco, and our Caribbean-inspired Grilled Mojito Beef Salad. All the food we create is rooted in proven culinary traditions and has a purity of execution that respects the ingredients upon which they are based, enhancing not overwhelming them.
The symphony of flavors each diner experiences at VIX is perfectly complemented by seductive décor of the restaurant itself. Designed by internationally-renowned Jacques Garcia, the dining room is very lavish, featuring a large jellyfish tank, beautiful mosaic floor of tile, wood, carpeting and stone, and plush fabrics, with chairs and walls covered in rich velvets.
The exhibition kitchen adds to the sense of expectation in the room and gives our guests a firsthand look at the authenticity upon which our menu rests, from our equipment, like our traditional tandoori oven to our culturally diverse culinary team that has often been referred to as a veritable “United Nations” of chefs. The environment at VIX is one of complete sensory immersion, from the sharp design of our uniforms to the ambient music played by the resident DJ. While the food is of paramount importance, we also want to provide our guests with an exciting and provocative experience all around, which I refer to as “eatertainment.”

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