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Chefjw.com :: Photo gallery :: Chef

Click on the photo or link below to view a larger version. For high-resolution versions, click on link if available, or contact James Wierzelewski.

Chef James, Emeril, Mario Batali, Daniel Boulud. Guest Chefs at MGM.   Chef James with Mr. Al Fayad at Harrods   Dishout with Daniel Boulud
Gordon Ramsey and Chef James at the Master Food and Wine   Chef James and Mario Batali at MGM   Chef James and Mario Batali bump bellies
Chef James and Italian Chef Giuseppe with Frescobaldi team   Wolfgang Puck and Chef James   Chef James with Anthony Bourdain from Kitchen Confidential
Charlie Trotter and Chef James   Charlie Trotter and Chef James Guest Chefs Miraval   Chef James, Emeril, Michael Mina, and Chef Mario Batali
Chef James makes tagines in Morroco   Chef James with Cheesemakers in Scotland   Chef James with Chef Valentine Warner
Chef Janos Kiss and Chef James in Budapest   Chef James and Rachael Ray from The Food Network   Chef Pascal from Dom Perignon
Cooking with my daughter Jordyn   Dishout with Emeril and Chef James   Chef James with Daniel Boulud and Todd English
Son Joshua and Dad in Kitchen   new002   new003
Chef Cal and JW   Chef james and Pastry Chef   Chef James says thanks for a great Italian meal
Chef Janos and Jw in Budapest   Artisan Cheesemaking in Scotland   new009
Chef Immar and JW   new011   new012
It's all about Foie Gras   Making pizza in Italy   Service time
Shopping for fresh pheasant   The plate up   #6131 -At work
Farmed trout in Scotland   Frescobaldi team in Florence   Chef James with Lydia and Joseph Bastianich
Guest Chef dishout at MGM with Boulud   Harvesting oysters in Boston   Michael Mina and Chef James
Robert Arthur and Chef James   new001   #6210 - In the kitchen
Chef James with Alfred Portale   Chef James and Sous Chefs   #4305 - Chef
Chef James with David Burke   Chef James with Ming Tsai   Chef #059
Chef James with Sous Chefs   Banquet Dish Up   Chef James with Yousef
Chef James with Francis Ford Coppola and Marcus Samuelson   Sous Chefs and Chef James   Chef James Toast
Chef Pascal and Chef JW NY Eve   Vix kitchen Team   Chef James with David Lieberman from The Food Network
Chef James with Giada from The Food Network   Chef Giuseppe with my children   Chef James with some of his most talented chefs
c_050606_1 - Chef   c_050606_2 - Chef   c_050606_3 - Chef
c_050606_4 - Chef   c_050606_5 - Chef   c_050606_6 - Chef
c_050606_7 - Chef   #144 - Chef   #083 - Chef
#014 - Chef   Chef James at Boston's Seafood Market   #49 - Chef
#51 - Bok choy   #52 - Potato
  #53 - Five vegetables
#6055 - Aria sign   #50 - Colander
  #6199 - At work
#4919 - Chef at work

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