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Click on the photo or link below to view a larger version. For high-resolution versions, click on link if available, or contact James Wierzelewski.

Trio of bitter sweet chocolate   #6318 - Trio of chocolate
  Strawberries with balsamic and parmesan
Tomatillo pipette with cumin shrimp   Veal with Anchovy Dressing   Tasting Board
Chocolate Lollipops   Platter of lobster and duck chow mein   Tasting of lobster and duck chow mein
Crème brulee presentation with granite   Moroccan shrimp tagine   Foie gras two ways
Asparagus salad with miso dressing   Shrimp ceviche with avocado and tomatillo pipette   Chocolate curry pops
Foie gras cru with mango and honey crisp   Watermelon salad with sumac and feta   Foie gras torchon
Scallop ceviche with melon   Pea salad with mint risotto   Watermelon granite with a tea chaser
Seafood hot pot   Kyoto style tuna   Key lime puff
Halibut gratine   Asian prawn salad with green papaya   Salmon ceviche with cumin and avocado
Smoked salmon lollipops   Snapper tiradito with candied grapefruit   Watermelon intermezzo with a passion fruit pipette and maldon salt
Marinated leeches and watermelon with passion fruit   Watermelon salad with sumac and fried feta   Loup de mer with artichokes, chorizo and crushed olives
7 sins of chocolate   #6107 - Herb roasted chicken in a cassoulet of cannellini beans
  #55 - Trio of chocolate
#58 - Spit-roasted rack and leg of lamb   #59 - Heirloom apple crisp
  #5837 - Bisque of sonoma butternut squash and apple cider
after dinner   Bocconcini   new003
new004   new005   Coffee Table Pics 052
new007   new008   new009
new010   new011   new012
Foiegras   Scallops with chorizo and black olives   Seared Foie with Smoked Bacon and Fryed Egg
Tandoori Prawns   #5515 - Homemade sorbets
  #5393 - Tahitian chicken salad
#66 - Small bites at Aria   Pasta with clams   #5837 - Mussels
7 Sins of Chocolate   Beef Carpaccio   Black cod with edamame mash
Chef James-Spice Man Cometh   Crepes with plums and Armagnac ice cream   Dark chocolate dome with sea salt and caramel
Duo of lamb   Lobster and Duck Chow Mein   Monk Fish Tails with Clams
Seared Scallops and Baby Squid   Seared tuna with sesame oil ice cream   #6167 - Tossed salad of frisee, arugula and peppercress with braeburn apples
Flavor palettes   Mango fritters with passion fruit parfait   #6287 - Potato board
#5881 - Veal ravioli
  #5013 - Gemelli noodles with truffle oil roasted crimini mushrooms   #54 - Creme brulee
#5876 - Seared sea scallops with lemon and gray salt   #5891 - Salad of grilled asparagus, marinated shiitake muschrooms   #6316 - Chicago cuts filet
#6270 - Hot and sour baked rock shrimp   #5246 - Kyoto sashimi tuna salad   #5550 - Hong Kong bbq duck and lobster "chow mein"
#5551 - Hong Kong bbq duck and lobster "chow mein"   #6044 - Naan with four different sauces   #5523 - Pineapple upside down cake with coconut ice creams

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